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blog website with multiblogs

  1. Hi all, I am installing the wordpress multi blog software on a blog domain. I would like to put together a team to do graphics and design as a fun project. I of course would give the appropriate credit for the work. I want to allow users to have the about me with user profiles and templates that could be used on the site. Since this is a blog site I assume I need authors approval for the themes - templates. I also want to incorporate forums as well as chat program. Any ideas appreciated as well. I basically would have a main site page that would then tell the users how to signup and have details about blogs, etc. Any input appreciated.

    [email redacted]

  2. You need to be at This is, for WordPress-hosted blogs, and we're running different software here.

  3. More specifically, you would need to be at the MU site:

    You might want to have a look at the bbPress software for your forum, it's what's running here.


  4. There's a couple of forum plugins that (sort of) work with the individual blogs within WPMU. bbPress is more for a install wide installation.

  5. Thanks all.. I will check it out...

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