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Blog-wide keywords/tags?

  1. Is it possible to set a topic/keywords/tags for a whole blog?
    I'd like my blog to show up when someone searches for something like 'reviews of lesbian fiction', but don't want to clutter my posts by adding those tags/categories to all of them.

  2. No, blogs themselves are not categorized as a whole.

    Every time you use a tag/category, it creates both a GLOBAL tag (for all of WordPress) and a local one. The local tags are in your sidebar, just put the Category widget in there to get them to show up. The tags on each post are GLOBAL tags and when people click on them they will be directed to the WordPress-wide global tag pages.

    The more you use a particular tag, the higher you'll rank in searches for that item, so this sort of happens automatically over time anyway.

    Tags are a navigation aid and tell readers a lot about a blog. Don't be shy about using them. They are important.

  3. What i do is add links to keyword searches in my blog at the bottom of the post. The link is like: . .. .

  4. So the only way to mark all posts in a blog as having a certain topic is to actually tag every single one of them with that topic. Well, it's not what I was hoping for, but I suppose it answers my question.

  5. No, you can set the default category for your blog. Right now it's "Uncategorized." All WordPress blog posts start out that way and remain like that till the blogger changes things. Change that to whatever topic you use the most. Set that at Dashboard -- > Options -- > Writing.

    But your blog as a whole won't be tagged, only the posts themselves.

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