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    I am using the DIGG 3 theme and need the text blog column to be wider. Can I change this in the custom CSS?


    Yes, but it will likely include a number of changes to keep everything in correct relation rather than just changing a width number in one place. Do note that there is no official support for CSS editing at so unless you have experience, it is not recommended. There are however quite a few tutorials on the web about CSS and it isn’t that difficult to learn, it just takes a little time.



    It can be done, but since the sidebar’s (both of them) are only 192 pixels wide now, it would make most sense to either decrease them (which you really don’t want to as most widgets need this room) or make the entire “container, header, etc” wider and then increase the size of “content” by the amount of that increase in size.

    It can be done, but with themes that are 3 columns wide, it is harder to increase the middle viewing size. It can be done, but not all users have larger screen sizes and “too large” can force them to scroll. Most users don’t like that!

    It is easier to just use a 2 column theme if you really need a large “text” for posts section. That being said, why exactly do you need a larger area since it is already 500 pixels wide (which most themes are not bigger than that anyways). ?


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