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blog windows closing on some browsers.

  1. A few of my regular readers have written to say that when they open my blog either by typing in the URL or clicking on a link, the window closes automatically after a few seconds and they can't read my entries. One of them said she uses tabbed browsing. They are experienced computer users, so I'm not sure if they're missing something basic or if you've heard of this problem before.


  2. Any idea what browser they're using? I see your blog fine in IE7 with no closing.

  3. Do you have lots of videos on it? Lots of times when I'm on Myspace and go to some people's sits that have loads of videos embedded in it, my browser completely shuts down. Or music playing in the background too.

  4. No, it's pretty normal. I don't see any videos and it loads pretty quickly.

  5. I have no difficulty and I'm using Firefox

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