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blog within a blog

  1. hi

    I want my blog to include my dog's blog (long story...) is there some way to do this or does the dog just make posts and then I categorize them as dog posts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since there is only one dynamic page per site (the blog) if you want to include your dog's posts in your site, then, yes, the only way to do so would be to make your dog's posts a separate category and then perhaps include it as a link in the Custom Menu navbar. When anyone clicks on that link in the navbar, they will be taken to a special, dynamically created page with only your dog's posts.

  3. Another alternative is just to create your dog a blog. If you have multiple blogs under one user it is very easy to switch from one to another, and you can include a list of your dog's posts in the sidebar using the RSS widget

  4. Oh, good idea, tandava108! Even if the OP wants to include his/her dog's posts on the same blog, an RSS widget with the feed from that category would also be a nice way to highlight those posts.

  5. that sounds great guys- i can set up a blog for the dog but i am not sure i understand how to include the dog's posts in a sidebar using a Rss widget - i am new and don't know what that is! sorry

  6. Support Docs are your friend. :)

    If you are very new here, check out

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