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blog won't accept photos from windows live - asking me for FTP

  1. Hi,

    I'm at my limit and have to reach out for support.

    I have been using windows live writer for a long time and it has worked flawlessly. recently i reinstalled windows 7 ultimate and i subsequently downloaded the latest version of windows live writer and wrote my first blog since reinstalling. all went well until i tried to publish. a pop up window states wordpress doesn't support photo publishing and it sends me to an FTP setup. There must be a configuration problem somewhere and I don't have even the slightest idea of where to go from here.

    Can you please help?

    Thank you!!

    Ken (in bolivia)
    Blog url:

  2. Could you verify that Live Writer is configured according to the recommendations here?

  3. Thanks.. yes, everything is set up properly. at least i think it is. it says that the blog doesn't support picture publishing but it can be configured to publish via a FTP account. is there an easy fix?

  4. We are unable to provide FTP access, so you'll need to upload images following this guide:

  5. didn't really help.... windows live writer worked before no problem. after the reinstall it doesn't. i'm on the road and most of the time would be writing from my tent and then uploading once i get to a wifi connection. are you sure there's no other solution? hoping!



  6. If it worked properly before (without FTP access), are you sure that you have it setup properly?

    Also, are you using Live Writer 2011?

  7. ok, pulling my hair out. I am "assuming" i have it set up right. I have gone through every menu screen on both wordpress (my blog) and windows live writer 2011 to find something, anything where i might be able to change a setting. But nothing looks even remotely on target.

    i also just uninstalled windows essentials and reinstalled. no change - it won't permit me to upload photos.

    does anything come to mind other than what you've mentioned before?



  8. Do you have any firewalls or security applications running?

    If so, would you mind temporarily disabling those just to see if they're preventing you from uploading photos?

  9. macmanx,

    ok, i'm still not blogging. maybe i should just reinstall the program? the firewalls are not the problem. id genuinely like to take care of this problem once and for all otherwise i may not be blogging very much - which is against the whole principle of having a blog. can i reach you by phone to help deal with this issue?

    thanks again,


  10. Unfortunately, we do not offer phone support.

    At this point, I recommend reinstalling the application.

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