Blog won’t export to MacBook

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    I am trying down export and download my wordpress blog into my MacBook computer to be used and imported. When I hit the download button, (it says “restrict all players” and I hit the export button, downloads and my MacBook won’t read the file. Any help? Thoughts? Thanks…..


    If the file is downloading, it is an XML file which if you look at it will look like a jumbled mess. You can open an XML file with a text editor. Textedit will work if the file isn’t too large (I think there is a 2mb limit or something like that on textedit).

    To look at it with Textedit, you will have to open textedit and then use the open command.

    Do know that if you change anything in that file, and don’t know what you are doing, you can mess it up so that if you try to import it, it will just error out on you.

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