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blog won't publish links

  1. All I get is text. No link. The link is not published when I try to publish it using the Write Post editor with or without Rich Text. I guess I'll have to wait until after the holidays for someone at Support to look at my digitally doodling blog.

  2. What, exactly, are the steps you are using? If you put the whole link in the rich text editor it should go live but ugly; is it going dead but ugly instead? Or is it just a blank? Or what? If you use the icons to insert a formatted link, it should work just fine. If you insert the entire link in the HTML editor, it should work as well.

    What are you doing? We can't recommend a successful process until we know the process which is failing.

  3. My blog is behaving a little better today. The Daily Archives webpage will take you to a post if you click on the link in the title. That's the way it's supposed to function... I think.

    I'm using Sandbox because it's the only theme that I've been able to find with default full-sized fonts. In other themes the fonts are about 78%. That's too small for me.

  4. Yes, that's the way it's supposed to function. And the links within the posts worked just fine for me as well. What's disorienting is that there is no sidebar and no list of previous posts, just the calendar, so for awhile I thought there was only the one illustration, no posts.

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