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Blog won't show up

  1. I am required to post on a blog that my professor created for our class. In order to do so, I signed up for a free wordpress account. My professor has authorized me as an author, but I am still unable to post on the class blog and add it to My Blogs. My other classmates did not have the same problem. The class blog is bus2006blog and the professor is Cindy Shove. How did I solve this problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you also accept the professors invitation? You should have received an email with the invite

  3. yes

  4. Try this:

    Otherwise no thoughts - I did flag this for the staff to look at your account - what is the full blog name you need to write at?

    Can the Prof see you in the Users section of the blog? Your user name should be in there

  5. The blog is bus2006blog. The prof can see me as a user and it says I am an authorized author.

  6. Try the browser fix things on the link I posted

    Also what browser and version number are you using?

  7. I have tried different computers and numerous browsers. I have tried explorer, firefox and safari and none work. I mainly use Firefox 18.0.2 and update it regularly.

  8. I'm sorry you're having trouble with this. It looks like something went awry and you weren't correctly added as a user to that site.

    I've reset it so your professor can now send you another invitation - could you please let me know how it goes?

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