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    Title says it all! I write a blog called “My Housemate’s a Mermaid” (before you ask, yes, she is) and I’m getting feedback from friends/colleagues/family/my pets (I can see it in their eyes) that my blog is well written and highly amusing.

    Based on this I thought “hey, wouldn’t it be great to enter a competition for blogs?” Anything/everything, just for fun, boost readership and maybe get some feedback. My blog is highly visual and includes video, so a traditional writing contest won’t do. I’ve made various attempts searching but I can’t find anything out there. I’m based in the UK so would be signing up to competitions set here, but I’d been keen to hear of ANY website/institution that does this sort of thing.

    Can anyone help me?!

    The blog I need help with is



    While does not offer any competitions they have a guide here on how to get more traffic including a free ebook:

    WordPress also offers daily prompts that can help drive traffic. I would encourage you to participate, the prompters have a very active community.

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