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Blog Wrongfully Flagged?

  1. thespiralalwaystravelsupward

    My blog is not showing up in any of the tag searches. This just happened a few days ago, without any explanation, and I want to know if my blog has been flagged as spam or offensive. Could that have removed my blog from the tag searches? I haven't written anything offensive. Please, someone help to rectify this situation. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thespiralalwaystravelsupward

    I couldn't figure out how to remove the second instance of the question. Will someone please offer some assistance, in reference to the question asked?

  3. The answer usually is because users have applied too many tags. But that does not seem to be the problem in your case. I've modlooked this topic for staff to check.

  4. thespiralalwaystravelsupward

    Thank you for you help.

  5. thespiralalwaystravelsupward

    So, it's been a couple of days with no change to the situation. I know the staff is likely very busy, even overwhelmed, however, I still would like a resolution to this ongoing issue. Thank you.

  6. Hi there,

    It looks like you got this sorted out:

    Thanks for letting us know! Have a great week.

    (and apropos of nothing, I really enjoyed browsing through your blog!)

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