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    Blogbot is a special theme that shows a lot of blogs. Kind of an online blogroll. The idea is to organize the blogosphere a little. Bloggers join the list to get more readers. It’s organized in tabs – science, computers, religion, politics, food – and whatever. But the Blogbot theme is old and heavy and it seems that the theme is not freeware anymore. So you can’t start a new – I can’t find a download anywhere. Would anyone inhere know about an alternative? A look-alike?

    Here’s an example – it’s a Danish politics tab. We call them polit-blogs:

    Blotbot can only show 2 tabs at the time. In order to find more tabs one has to go to another page inside Blogbot and click the headlines – an other reason why an alternative would be nice:

    Blogbot is a fine way of competing with the newspapers for example. Not just as newspapers but they often have a collection of blogs also – sort of an blogbot of their own.

    I really think such a thing as a Blogbot (look-alike) is needed…

    The blog I need help with is


    This antiquity here was the first one we had but I don’t know how it was made. “Powered by WordPress” is says at the bottom. I can’t find any such theme at Or at .com for that matter:


    An important point is that you group handpicked blogs. It’s not just another mega site that lists the whole blog world and then some. It is bloggers that organize themselves according to their interests as they see them. A small scale alternative to the big commercial sites where you have no say in any matter.




    Arh, all you brilliant folks, come on! Surely you know something?



    try google?


    Not funny! :-)



    no really…. if nobody has answered is either because they don’t know anything about what you’re looking for, or they just simply don’t care.

    If you’d like to see something like (which to me looks like a blog scraper) here at, then that’s something it’ll never happen because that would be an open invitation to spammers to have accounts here.



    do you mean something like


    It’s not a blog scraper. It’s for members. All bloggers are listed there by their own request. Such a system has it’s strength in a small language area. Which we have here. It’s a portal, – sort of…


    No, not like all the tags listed in your link. We use Blogbot like a newspaper would list “Today’s News”. Only Blogbot is listing toady’s new post from all the best political blogs in our country. That’s why it’s important with such a portal. It enables us to compete with the newspapers and the list attracts more readers than we could do individually. Most of my readers click into my blog from there. Blogbot announces my new blog posts for free…



    well, you’d be better off contacting support for a request such as that. Besides, raptortech97 links to something that might be very close to what you want.


    No. It’s not close, I’m afraid…


    If there is nothing found on a Google search, then it is highly likely it does not exist.


    Blogbot is more like a Technorati in miniature format. Ours is a quality list. That means that our readers don’t have to sift through a lot of rubbish blogs manually.

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