Blog(.com) vs. Website (.org) trouble

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    I learned after I created a web site that .org and .com don’t seem to be compatible with each other. I had mapped the domain my old .com blog was directed to my new .org web site. Apparently, this means you lose your .com followers and your posts to your .com blog don’t work. I never deleted my blog, and I’ve decided that I want to have it linked somehow to the new web site. I’ve deleted to the domain, DNS servers, etc. (guessing that this would help) so that when I enter my blog address the .com blog comes up. No luck. It redirects to the new web site. I connected the web site and blog through Jet Pack but even when I disconnected that didn’t help. I’ve imported the blog posts, but they are still on the .com admin panel. Under my domains, only my url is listed. Why does it still redirect??? If I google, and I click on an old post that comes up in search, I’m taken to my blog. What is going on?

    The blog I need help with is



    It can take a while for DNS & name server changes to reach the far corners of the internet

    You need to install, configure and connect JetPack in your WordPress.ORG install blog – then post back here and ask the staff to move your subscribers to your new site

    And you need the custom domain name to still go to your WordPress.ORG install –

    Also the Staff will need to know the domain name you want your subscribers transferred to



    I’ve actually finally gotten it figured out. The issue of the disappearing blog resolved it self miraculously – must be the DNS and name server changes kicking in. Thanks.

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