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    I recently upload pictures within a post about the motorcycle show while using BlogDesk.
    As you can see in the post, there are four pictures.
    Here is the thing: After uploading the post/pictures with BlogDesk, I then signed into worpress, went to Manage, Uploads to see the results and make sure everything was loaded correctly.
    What I found was 10 pictures, four which I used, four are doubles of those used and two loaded that were not used in the post.
    Two not used in the post were two that I deleted while in BlogDesk. Not sure why they still loaded though as I thought they were deleted.
    The other four that were used, were loaded twice. In BlogDesk, I was able to create the thumbnail from the original picture as Blogdesk indicated (rightly so) that the pictures were too big for the theme I was using (good stuff Blogdesk and very intuitive. Thumbnails were created for all four pictures used.

    My questions may not be answered here, (not a worpress issue, maybe and that’s OK) but I thought I would try anyway.
    1) Does anyone else have this issue with Blogdesk?
    2) Did Blogdesk load the thumbnail and the original pic?
    3) Why did BlogDesk load the “deleted” pictures and how do I avoid that next time?

    Also, I would like to know how to re-use/re-cycle an uploaded photo, in another/new post, while writing the post.
    I am trying to avoid repeatedly “loading” the image, thus avoiding multiple appearances of the same photo in the Upload section.(and save space usage) I would like to link one picture to many posts/pages. Is this possible?

    Thanks for the help.
    PS, I will be posting this to BlogDesk as well once registured.



    Yes, Blogdesk creates the thumbnail and uploads both files. It doesn’t use WordPress’s thumbnailing system.

    Not sure about the “deleted” photos that you mention. Were they copies of the originals photos? Are you sure they weren’t the test images that are uploaded when first setting things up?

    I’ve only used Blogdesk’s image uploader once. I see the two pictures for the single image, the original and teh thumbnail, and I see the two test upload images as well. (I guess I tested it twice. Wouldn’t surprise me)



    Hi Dr. Mike,
    I did not realize it did a “test” for photo upload. If that is the case I can delete them from upload dashboard area without any worry.

    When you say “It doesn’t use WordPress’s thumbnailing system”, does that mean that WordPress only uploads a thumbnail? (this is good to know is so).

    Can you answer the re-cycle question above, with how to steps within a post? Is this do-able?

    Tnx, much appreciated.



    WordPress creates it’s own thumbnails. Blogdesk instead creates it’s own and uploads both of them.

    I don’t know the recyle question or I would have answered it. Does Blogdesk keep a record of images used? It’s just a URL that you should be able to copy into your posts anyway.



    Ok thanks for clarifying….
    No, BlogDesk does not record images used.

    Do I find the url under Upload, click on picture and copy the first url out of the first box?
    Is there a way to attach said picture while writing the post or do I need to open another browser, find the picture under Dashboard/Uploads and then copy and paste?

    Thanks for trying to answer the question,I did not mean to be pushey, even if you don’t know the answer ;)
    (I was hoping you did with your vast knowledge and well written info pages)
    Maybe someone else can help/answer this question?

    Thanks again.



    I don’t know the answer either but I just discovered that Windows Live Writer does the same thing as far as uploading 2 pictures. I assume that this uses our upload space, right?



    It does use up the upload space. I deleted the two “test” photos that drmike explained were loaded, and the space
    used” went down.
    Now if only I can find a way to delete the “doubled” photos without loosing the connection to the post and save space at the same time, that would be great.
    Did WLW rename your photos when it loaded them?



    BlogDesk has a FAQs and support as well. I’m thinking you may benefit by contacting them.



    As noted above, I did just that ;)



    You’re welcome and best wishes. :)



    Thanks. I am waiting for a response from BlogDesk and will post here when the answer is made.
    Don’t you use BlogDesk? I think I got the link from one of your references in an earlier forum.
    I love this program and hope this issue will get resolved/explained.
    Do you have image loding issues while using BlogDesk?



    Apparently there is a bug in BlogDesk that loads both the original and the thumbnail. This will be fixed with a future release.

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