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    I was wondering if you could have a blog on both wordpress and blogger and stream the same content. According to WP’s rules, I’m not sure if this violates it because I am not stealing any information, I am just duplicating it on another platform to reach people that do not use wordpress. I just find that my demographic hits more in blogger than wordpress however, I do not want to lose all the followers and average traffic I’ve had on my WP blog.

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    The blog I need help with is


    Please read what the effect of publishing duplicate content across domains is here > The short version is that if you do this the Panda algoritm will apprehend what you have done as Google created it specfically to detect duplicate content. Duplicating content results in poists from the orignal and copycat site being sent to back pages of the SERPs (searah engine page results) where the sun don’t shine. Also know that supports original content blogs and suggests that if you want a duplicate content blog you make it private.



    You would have to have the blog set to private if you did that.


    There’s no advaatage at all in doing this as the original blog’s authority and pagerank will suffer and the duplicated content won’t score. Can Google detect which content is original?



    And also, the WordPress blog will get suspended.


    Thank you for your time in writing this, I am new to all of this and was just curious.


    You’re welcome amd don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. We Volunteers are here to help and these threads are a community resource that any of us using the forum searchbox can locate and benefit from reading.

    On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff.
    The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.

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