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Blogger Import Issue

  1. I'm having trouble importing my Blogger blog into WordPress. Here's what happened (lots o' stuff)...

    1. Attempted to import via WordPress. Imported post titles and categories, but no body of the posts. Deleted all the posts.

    2. Downloaded the .xml file from Blogger. Uploaded to WordPress. Only 7 posts showed up. Deleted them all.

    3. Re-uploaded the .xml file to WordPress. No posts showed up.

    What's going on?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't have an answer, but I'm having the same issue--I imported my blog from Blogger, and while all the titles, category tags, and comments are there, there is no body/content to any of the posts. Hoping I can discover the answer as well.

  3. Got the same problem at my place:

    I'll give it 'till the end of the week - if it's not fixed, I'll stay at blogger, for all the trouble it's causing.

  4. Skip it...after trying to re-import the xml file (which didn't work, again), I tried deleting all the posts (300-odd out of 1250) - and the deleting function failed.

    Not sure why so many people like WordPress - even Blogger (with all the difficulties) never gave me this much trouble.

  5. @mwrinc
    Is this the blog you are trying to import into?

    Is this the blog your are importing into? is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  6. In both cases, importing via an export file should work, but we'll need to empty your blog or it will consider the posts as duplicate and won't import them.

    Please confirm the blog URL and if it's okay to empty it completely.

  7. Yes, my blog is Please empty so I can attempt to re-import.


  8. I have emptied your blog as requested.

    Please try the import again via the export file method and let us know how it goes!

  9. hi!
    'almost' the same issue here, importing XML it said complete. but no imported post appeared on


  10. Where you importing via the export file? If so, are you sure you used your content export, and not your template export?

  11. I am having a similar issue.. I tried moving my blog from Blooger ( to a wordpress blog (, and my posts have no body and no images. I am not sure how to proceed from here. Any help will be appreciated.


  12. Were you importing via the export file or the direct method? If it was via an export file, are you sure you used your content export, and not your template export?

  13. i had the same problem, i tried importing via content export but all export were titles and tags, no body. then tried exporting via template export but nothing happens, it doesnt load for even hours..says problem loading page.

    btw im importing from blogger to wordpress:

    hope you can help me, im really tired with blogger interface :)

  14. I am having the exact same issues! I have tried importing via both methods. Each time I only get the titles and tags, but no content. I tried using the importer, then deleted them all, so then used the blogger export file and upload, but that didn't work either. Went back to the other method, but the same happened. I reset and cleared between each attempt. is someone available to sort this technical issue that clearly has something to do with wordpress back end thank you. the blog is (it is set to private as I need to build it before it is live) thanks.

  15. This thread is flagged for Staffa attention.

  16. Did the blogs only have imported posts? If so, I can empty them so you can try your import again.

    Each attempt to import after the previous titles-only import will fail because the posts will be seen as duplicates.

  17. Yes, only post titles were created along with categories, that I will eventually turn into tags. As it didn't work. I deleted ALL posts and tried again, but it failed. I then deleted ALL posts again and tried the exporter, not the importer and the same issue!

    Let me know when you have emptied and which method is the best to proceed with the import or the go to blogger, export>upload.


  18. I have emptied your blog.

    Please feel free to try again, but this time import via a Blogger export file, not the automated importer.

  19. Please help, i'm still not able to import all my post, i already deleted all blank post and uploaded export file from blogger, it says problem loading page.. it's not uploading.. my blog is

  20. macmanx - you have earned your title of Happiness Engineer! I now can see all my posts in my blog! Legend! Thank you kind sir!

  21. alchurchill, you're welcome!

    dribol, would you please quote the full error that you see?

  22. i deleted all the blank post i have and import via blogger export file but it says "The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" every time, tried it over and over but the files wont import anything. hope you could help me.

  23. By any chance, is your ISP Talk Talk?

  24. no sir, my provider is ip-converge from philippines.

  25. Ok, would you please tell us which browser (and version of) you're using?

  26. im using the latest version of firefox sir..

  27. hi macmanx, i just tried importing again today and it was successful, i dont know what you did but thank you so much! certified happiness engineer, you're the man!

  28. You're welcome!

  29. This thread is making me think I need some advice before I proceed...

    On behalf of a blogger client, I recently moved a blog from Blogger to, where I converted the bloated categories list to tags and set up new categories. I also installed and modified a theme.

    Now the blogger wants to move to In the time since the original move, she has continued to use the Blogger site, and there are about a dozen new posts.

    Should I transfer the content first, then import the most recent Blogger xml? Or do it in a different order?

    Thanks so much for any help!

  30. insideoutgirlz

    I've been having the same problem as the member who started this discussion, and after reading all the comments and posts it seems that I need for my blogs to be "emptied" so I can try re-importing. The blogs I am trying to import to are:
    1.) and

    Is there any way a staff member could empty those for me, please? So I can try again? Thank you so much.

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