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Blogger import solution

  1. rhodeislandrock

    I finally did it! I imported my Blogger blog successfully to WordPress but it took a little work. Here's my plan of attack......

    -- If you are just starting to import, make sure you backup your Blogger template. I copied and pasted it to Wordpad.

    -- If you have tried to import and have had problems, or you have imported some Blogger posts successfully, edit your Blogger template. Scroll to the very bottom to the last line = </html>. Attached to this will be a template edit that needs to be erased, it is added on when you import from WordPress. Erase/cut it and republish your Blogger template.

    -- You can also just cut the whole template and copy/paste the backup template. Republish.

    2. Delete any posts from Blogger that have transferred successfully to WordPress. Republish entire blog and log out.

    3. Repeat the import process on WordPress. It will eventually stall again but you will have more posts transferred.

    4. Repeat the Blogger template edit or replacement. Repeat the delete posts that have transferred.

    I had around 150 posts since Jan 1, 2006. My initial import sent Jan and Feb posts and comments, each one 8 times. I had to delete all the extra posts on my WordPress site.

    When I edited the Blogger template, erasing the extra code from the last line, and republishing, I found that continuing to import to WordPress ran smoother. Depending on the time of day and the length of you blog you may have to repeat the steps multiple times. My subsequent imports went a month at a time so I had to repeat 4 times.

  2. Sending in a feedback to make sure staff gets to see this. The delete the posts that made it over suggestion has been made before but not the editing the template one.


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