Blogger import tool – do podcast enclosures and other links get left behind?

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    I’m trying to move from blogger to wordpress. I’ve just managed to get the import tool to work but I’ve noticed that the target links from each post are missing – in many cases these are links to audio files – in other words, my blog at is also a podcast.

    On those posts where I added an audio file, I also added a hipcast iframe widget with a sound player. These too have not been imported.

    Do I have to go through each post that is a podcast post and manually add a target file (mp3) and add the iframe player myself to each post? Or is there a setting that I’ve missed along the way?

    Thanks for your help



    I do not believe that we can have iframes on our blogs here at This is is a multi-user blogging platform and security would be an issue.
    Perhaps your needs would be better addressed by hiring a web host and downloading the software from
    It’s different software than ours here



    hi there

    thanks for your speedy response. I am hoping to move to a web host, and can appreciate why would not allow iframes.

    But I am trying to migrate from blogger to wordpress and am hoping that my question about enclosures could be answered. In other words, if I move from blogger to wordpress (on any platform, any which way) using the blogger import tool, am I going to lose the enclosures and targetted links on my posts? The answer to this will indicate whether I can successfully move my podcast (my blog with mp3 enclosures linked to many of the posts) to wordpress.



    I am hoping to move to a web host

    Actually if this is correct, you really need to be asking this over at as our answers woul dbe different as this is different software from the wordpress that you download and install elsewhere.

    As to the enclosures, to be honest I couldn’t tell you because I’ve not done any podcasts. The main issue though is how those enclosures were generated in the first place. If it’s just as a regular embed, it should import fine into a regular wordpress blog but not a blog as embeds are not allowed here.



    thanks for your reply. I’m sure i’m not the first one to say this, but it is mightily confusing for a newbie trying to move his blog to “wordpress” to discover how different is from the other wordpress. And not being podcast-friendly is surely something that should look at? Links to (separately hosted) mp3 files are hardly a security risk.

    Anyway I guess I’d better go elsewhere.

    Thanks again


    Member is podcast-friendly, but only to podcasts that originate here. They allow links to MP3s, but to play them in the audioplayer you need to do them in a slightly different way.



    thanks raincoaster, but it seems to me if that’s the case, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the blogger import tool to import podcasts too.



    They’re imported all right, but they are simultaneously stripped out.

    The issue is the security restrictions: only a handful of formats are supported here, and most of them have to be posted in a way which is unique to Flash, regular embeds, iframes, etc, are all stripped out. It’s easy enough to podcast from, but not to import podcasts into it. They have to be done manually, in the allowed formats.

    Here’s the FAQ link:



    Thanks. You don’t happen to know if on an own-hosted wordpress installation, a blogger import tool would not “simultaneously strip out” the enclosures? I’m trying to find the answers on but similar questions are unanswered, after months. I am trying to use to test whether it’s worth moving to wordpress as a platform, but so far it’s proving bizarrely confusing. I can’t be the first podcaster wishing to migrate to wordpress, surely?


    Member works very differently and my guess it that it would be far simpler to do the import to a blog using WordPress software. It would not strip out the enclosures in my estimation. You cannot use to test regular WordPress software because seriously they work very, very differently. To make sure, ask at the forums over at to double-check. Thats’ the support for independent WordPress blogs. I’m pretty sure that’s your best solution.

    We have plenty of podcasters who started here, but I don’t know of many who migrated here. Heck, it took about a year before Scoble had his podcasts available through



    Thanks very much raincoaster



    I’ve tried to inport my blogspot site and have typed the wrong site address and now it does not give the option of entering another blogspot account, it is defaulting to the wrong account.
    Any suggestions?



    Thanks raincoaster


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