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    I don’t like the fact that my blogger blog’s template was edited after the import. I lost formatting capabilities for posts, and also the entire template. I was wondering if there is a way to undo the import.

    Lastly, i didn’t realize that I would forever lose the capability to use my username of the deleted blog. why isn’t that username allowed to be re used? I love my old user name!

    Please help.



    The import function is designed to carry your Blogger template over to WP. None of the WP import functions do. (,, WPMU)

    Because each blogging system has such a disparate and wide variety in how they name sections of code and CSS I would guess it to be nearly impossible to import the design as well.

    However other systems designs have been changed to work with WP. The new Rubric theme here originally came as a Movable Type design (If memory serves) that was ported over to WP.



    The only way Blogger imports work is by modifying the Blogger template during the process. We make a backup copy but on rare occasions the restore step doesn’t succeed. That’s why we suggest that you make a backup copy of your Blogger template first.

    If you didn’t do this, you may select a new theme in your Blogger account to restore access to your old blog.



    This is the original author (nuttyquark). I forgot to switch usernames. Sorry!

    Does the import format any of the posts? I have a weird feeling that more than my template was editted during the import.

    Is it possible to acquire or restore my old template on blogger?

    I will still use but I would like to keep my old blogger blog intact and full functional.



    Indoquark, how do you switch usernames?



    Indoquark, how do you switch usernames?

    Probabaly signed off and resigned back on with the new name.



    Sorry about that. Is my problem a lost cause? I really would like my blogger blogs back to normal..



    problem fixed.

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