Blogger in Thailand can no longer access WordPress

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    I have a friend who has been blogging on WordPress from Thailand for several months. He phoned me tonight from Thailand to say he has been unable to access his blog for over a week. He asked me to check into it.

    I am able to log into his account, no problem.

    However, he keeps getting a message saying that the server cannot be reached. He is unable to reach his blog or He is, however, able to connect to other sites. I got him to download and install Firefox tonight (he was using IE6 previously) but the problem persisted.

    Any idea what the problem might be? His blog is



    Is he blogging from home or work? My first thought was a firewall. Has he installed anything new on his computer lately? Installed a new router? Is he unable to reach any * sites? Can he log into other https:// sites like web-based mail? Have him try connecting through a proxy server and see if that helps, perhaps.



    Defrost, thank you for your suggestions. He is blogging from home exclusively. He says he had a new motherboard installed a little while ago. I don’t know about other wordpress blogs, but he can’t reach his own blog and he can’t reach I don’t know about https:// sites – I can ask him. How do I get him to connect through a proxy server?



    Have him try the workarounds in this thread:


    The military junta i Thailand blocks various sites as they see fit. The situation i Thailand is worse that we are told by the press. It is known that YouTube is blocked, but there are many more sites that the thai people cannot access. Often it is not possible to find any controversial material on the blocked sites.


    And: I think the WordPress “bosses” should take a look at this. It might be serious and they should follow the situation in cases like Thailand anyway. And so should we. We have fellow bloggers in prison in some countries. Egypt for instance. Kareem is still in jail.



    This is really interesting. I’ve asked him to try to access wordpress from an internet cafe…if he can’t, there’s a good chance it’s being blocked. I wonder if anyone keeps a list of sites blocked by the military junta?




    ‘The survey found evidence of filtering in the following countries:

    Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Burma/Myanmar, China, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen. ‘



    Don’t get too excited. There’s been evidense in the past that AOL, Road Runner, and MSN do the same here in the States as well.



    Ok…today he was able to access wordpress and update his blog from an internet cafe in Thailand, so the problem isn’t the junta. But he still cannot access it from his own computer, using either IE6 or Firefox.

    Any other suggestions or possible solutions?



    That sounds more like an ISP issue. Best bet would be to get with them and see what’s occuring.



    Thanks drmike – I’ll get him to look into that.


    I am not sure, this case was adequetely landed? There is more to Thailand issues than this. We should stay alert.

    There was a specific blog in question. Ok. But what abort Thailand bloggers on WordPress in general?

    How do we go about it when bloggers are threatened?



    How was he threatened? Dr Mike, who’s the expert, seems to think it’s his ISP (and those issues are pretty common and not generally political). I don’t think this is such a problem.

    When Malaysia threatened bloggers, one blog shot to the top of the stats instantly, and that was a Malaysian blog about oppression of Malaysian bloggers. And the government backed down in the face of such huge public pressure.


    I like what you are telling me. :mrgreen:

    I realise, that there was no specific threat to the blogger in issue. Perhaps we ought to have a separate forum room for freedom of speech? I think we could do a lot for bloggers in trouble like Kereem in Egypt, if we joined forces…



    There are some very active Egyptian blogs on WP right now. And the staff encourages activists to make use of blogs as a tool for social change. I’ve got the Free Kareem button on my blog, and I’ve been to their site: they aren’t, but they do encourage everyone to post a button and send a letter or take some more specific action.

    We do have an off-topic forum (at the bottom of the forum page) where we can discuss all non-technical issues. Maybe you could start a thread for leveraging the blogosphere for political action. Just a word of warning: the Americans are having a presidential election that is going to go on for a year and a half, and they will be all over that thread, so it might be hard to keep it on topic and off Democrat vs Republican. But I could be wrong about that.


    Message received and understood. I will start a thread in that forum tomorrow – since it is quite late here in Denmark now. Thank you, raincoaster! :lol:

    Edit: it is 04:30 in the middle of the night – or morning – and I haven’t slept yet! So night everyone…



    You’re welcome. I look forward to reading and contributing to your thread.


    Thank you. See you in the tread! Night everyone…


    And I will put a Free Karem button on my blog as well!

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