Blogger says I don't own my username

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    When I make a comment on a blog through wordpress a message comes up saying i don’t own my username
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    When I make a comment through WordPress a message comes up from WordPress saying I don’t own that username.


    I’m really sorry this is happening. Are you logged into when you are making comments?


    Yes, but it only happens when there is a selection, it does the same thing with Google, if I want to make a comment via Google I have to open an Account although I am logged into Google



    What do you mean by selection? Can you walk us through what happens when you try to comment?

    Which blog are you trying to comment on?


    On certain Blogs e.g.”allegrabj.blogspot .com” when you make a comment you have to click on the Box “Select Profile” then a drop down Menu appears :-
    Google Account
    Live Journat
    When I make a comment , click on “WordPress” write my username and submit my comment a message appears from wordpress saying “You do not own that identity”



    Unfortunately, given the way OpenID works, you’ll need to have a publicly accessible blog under the same name as your username, otherwise it can’t make a connection.

    You can register via


    All sorted now.
    Thank you



    You’re welcome!

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