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Blogger suscks: WordPress Rocks!

  1. Here's your opportunity to show the blogosphere your support for WordPress by going on the record.
    Comments welcomed!

    Like most bloggers I began on a free hosted blogging platform. In contrast to those who wish to make an income from blogging – I had no such agenda. I began blogging on Blogger software and found it easy to use, but when I decided to try I found there were remarkable contrasts between the software, the features, and the availability of support. Today there’s no doubt in my mind that free hosted WordPress software is superior in every way.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. true, but blogger has a larger variety of themes, and more users, which means more people to view your blog. i wish wordpress had more colorful themes. the ones they have are very kind of adult aimed, when a good amount of the users are younger, and like bright things! lol...

  3. pornstarbabylon

    I stayed here because of Support and you'll get an answer. Asking Blogger for help is liking screaming into the wind.

    Only drawbacks like many have mentioned is not being able to have access to our templates & profit if we want to.

  4. c4u blogger has more users but I get many ,many times more visits at WP, blogger support is practically stitch, community almost nil. They seem to have alot of features and yet somehow they seem to miss the mark in terms of effectiveness.

  5. Any way I plain like WP if they could get into China [though without compromising principle] that would be nice

  6. I agree, in my experience Blogger's been way too tough to use... I couldn't even look at my blog without an: "Error this page doesn't exist" popping up.

  7. Blogger may have more users, but that's irrelevant when it comes to hits. The community features there aren't as powerful as the Googlejuice of My readers may not all be WP users, but I have many, MANY times more readers than I could have gotten at Blogspot.

  8. @cheering4u
    Blogger has more theme is true. However, a Blogger themes right out of the box fail to validate. It's common for them to have over 300 errors.

    and more users, which means more people to view your blog.

    Ummm ... no having more theme choices and more uerse does do result in more readers. Readers come from all over the blogsophere and Blogger has no "community" to speak of.

    More colorful and youthful themes is not much of a factor when viewed through the eyes of a search spider, and it's indexing that creates part of the traffic flow to your blog. In the case of a new blog it's the SERPs that bring in the lion's share of traffic.

    Frankly I don't think your arguments are very convincing ones.

  9. I apologize for the typos. I'm visually challenged and I didn't see the errors until after I clicked submit. :(

    Thanks to all of you for commenting. :)

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