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    I used your tool to import my blogger blog entries to wordpress and I see that all the titles, comments and tags transferred over but nothing else. IE – the entries have no bodies to them… they’re just titles and even when you click on a comment, the comments have no bodies to them either. What gives? Did I do something wrong? Help is appreciated.
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    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    I have flagged this thread so you get Staff help with your import issue. Please be patient while waiting.



    I’ll need to empty your blog completely so you can try again.

    Did you only have imported posts on the blog, or was there preexisting content?


    Sorry. I was out. I had one post on the blog before i imported from blogger. Then i imported and saw this issue. I then made another post direct on word press today 6/5/12. I already tried emptying everything and got the same result.



    Ok, please try deleting the imported posts again and make sure that you empty the Trash sub-section of the Posts section in your Dashboard.

    Then, try importing via the method that requires a Blogger export file, rather than the automated method.


    Not sure this really worked either. When I tried to make an export file from Blogger, it simply made an RSS feed in my apple mailbox. (Which I don’t use.) So, I clicked ARCHIVE FEED and saved it to my desktop. I uploaded that file but I’m not really sure that’s right.


    And I got a message that said WordPress would work on processing my file??? Was that right?



    That doesn’t sound right. See this guide to export your Blogger blog:


    I know. And I read this already. It doesn’t give me an option to save it as an xml file. It automatically opens up my Apple Mail and wants to make it a feed when I follow these instructions. Any ideas?



    Hm, try right-clicking the link for the file and choosing “Save As.”


    There is no file. When I click the Download Link in blogger it automatically opens Apple Mail and begins trying to save the blog as a feed. I’m not able to right click that to try and ‘save as’ since it appears in a box with the feed code. Right clicking that does nothing. I tried right clicking the Download Link but ‘save as’ is not an option. I’ve left a comment for blogger about this but I won’t hold my breath for help.



    In that case, please try a different browser, like Firefox.


    I’m a step ahead of you. I actually just tried it in Opera. It seems to have saved it to xml. Now I will see if it imports correctly. Stand by…


    I think that’s working! I see posts coming over and I see they aren’t just titles and tags! Yippee! Thank you!



    Excellent, please let us know how it goes!

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