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    I get to authorizing Google/WordPress…but clicking on the button takes me back to the front page of WordPress. If I back up to the authorize page I see on the right at the top the WordPress icon and link (, and under it the Blogger link that says (Blogger )

    If I click on the Feeds link I get: Invalid request URI

    It doesn’t list my blog/s, or anything else….any clues on what to do. Using free WordPress and free Blogger.




    Are you trying to import blog content from a Blogger blog into a blog? Please tell us exactly what you want to do with your blog. Then we can tell you in a step by step way how to do it.


    I want to import (copy) over the blog at Blogger to the free WordPress here. In attempting that…I get as far as authorizing WordPress to access Google account, but upon doing so I get sent back to WordPress’ front page. If instead I click on the link to the right that shows WordPress with an arrow pointing down to Google link which just points to feeds, I get (error: Invalid request URI), and it shows none of my blogs at Blogger.

    the blog at Blogger is: . The new blog here is: . I will keep both blogs for now.



    I believe if you use the forum search box you will find threads on this subject. Perhaps this problem is because your blogs are not Blogger Beta blogs and the importer here isn’t set up for the old style Blogger blogs? I’m only speculating on this. You may need a Moderator or Staff to give you an answer.


    I’ll add that the blogger blog is the newest, and out of beta. Running Atom feeds out of blogger and backed by “all feeds” with “feedburner”



    You don’t click on Get feeds. You click on “Grant access” It’s a button on the left hand side of the page.


    The “Grant Access” button is what sends me back to WordPress main page.



    You don’t have your wordpress blog marked as private, do you?


    Double Checked…it’s not private…completely public…

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