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    I tried to import my blogspot blog to WordPress. The blog has about 2200 posts. After importing about 1700 posts, the import process hung for over an hour — no error message, the status numbers just kept fluctuating between 1650 and 1700. (I’m using a MacBook Pro and a DSL connection.) So I gave up.

    I’d like to switch over completely. Any suggestions?



    I think there is a limit to the file size for an all in one import. You would be way over it. Serious hackery is needed. Best contact support.



    Try importing during early morning U.S. time when the traffic is slower. I could never import my Blogger blog either. But I didn’t know about the early morning thing. Try and maybe it might work.



    Also by all means delete all your spam first. That’s killed more than one import.



    I recommend that you contact staff before becoming frustrated over the import process. Like atthe404 says there is a limit to the file size.



    Thanks, all. I’ll contact support during regular hours and see just what the limit is. The other tips make sense too.



    Please let us know how this works out. That way when when this thread goes into the forum searchbox other bloggers will have access to the information too.



    grrr… support hours inconveniently conflict with my work hours, and my company blocks wordpress! This may take a while.

    Don’t the support people read these threads?



    Rarely. Email support at wordpress dot com though, they always read those.


    I was having problems also – specifically only the first post of each month was imported into WP.

    You seem to have to change Blogger settings so that the archive frequency is ‘daily’ in order to get everything imported (under ‘settings/archiving’). Or I did, certainly. Hope this helps anybody searching… sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

    The process still seems a bit unstable, however – it didn’t import everything according to the post count (unfortunately I haven’t a clue what was lost – I guess sooner or later a reader will say ‘didn’t you write something about…’?), whilst redoing the import created duplicate posts, which I’ve had to delete manually.



    I have a similar problem. I have a blogspot with 1300+ post, when I start importing, it stops at 50 and keeps fluctuating between 50 & 51. I tried at different times, but the same thing happens. Even I cleared all the post imported and started over again, but no luck.


    As you can see from the discussion above, spam can be an issue if it was not deleted before you exported. Also javascript, iframes and flash that may have been in posts can cause issues. I would suggest contacting support via the support tab in your dashboard or at when they open at 9am Pacific (about an hour from now).


    My import seems to have worked, however, there are links missing. On some posts they appear but in most the [ ] appear but the URL is missing. Any idea? See for yourself… – look at the brackets after each band, there should be a link there that takes you to the band’s iTunes store.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    -Hank @ StarCAST



    I have written two logs today and saved both of them. Neither one is showing up on my Weblog. Where do you go to pull up the saved posts in WordPress??
    Thanks for your response ahead of time.

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