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    I have had a blog on blogger for almost a year now, and I have finally had enough. I would like to move all my posts and pictures etc. over to wordpress. In the future, I might opt to sign up with a hosting site that uses WP.

    Around 9 months ago, I purchased my own domain name, through google, which is actually through I’d like be able to get my posts over to wordpress, using that domain name without losing my google juice, which I have read requires a 301 redirect. Some articles make it seem easier than others. I am tech savvy, but not too tech savvy. I know that I may have to change URLs etc. But i want to ensure that I don’t lose all those following my RSS feed either (if that is even possible)

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

    The blog I need help with is


    When you change the DNS servers at the current registrar (through Google) to point to wordpress.COM, and get the domain mapping upgrade here, that will take care of part of it, but the issue is that there is a difference in URL structure between blogger and here which means that you would have to write individual redirects for nearly every URL over at blogger, and I don’t think they offer anything like that. Outside of blogger and wordpress.COM, this can be done typically with a redirect plugin or module, but those are not available here, and there isn’t anyway to change the permalink structure here to match what blogger does.

    Unless staff would have some idea, I’m afraid that you are going to end up losing google juice. You might want to talk with them about it.



    There seems to be an undocumented feature on where, if an URL is not found, it will try to match it with the closest URL and return an HTTP 301 redirect. I discovered it by chance when I moved my site to about a month ago.

    For example, one of my popular movie reviews was located at:

    Today, if you click on that URL, somehow, it automatically redirects to:

    Notice the ending of the URL is almost the same. It seems to work also for partial matches and returns the earliest post or page.

    Do a few tests. It may work for the URLs themselves (so that if other people linked to you, they don’t land on a 404 file not found page). But I don’t know the effects on Google juice…

    Is this indeed an undocumented feature? If it is, I hope keeps it! It’s awesome!



    Thanks for the info. I did find this:

    which says:
    Go to the WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks, and in there, select “custom structure” and paste the following into the box the save changes:


    I don’t see this feature, so either WP changed it, or there is another place to do this. I’m not sure.



    @evanhalperin: I’m sure it’s a feature of a self-hosted WordPress.ORG blog, because we can’t change the Permalink structure here at WordPress.COM, as far as I know. But the feature I described earlier (regarding the redirects) will probably help your transition from Blogger to go more smoothly. Good luck!



    I found this as well, but it says using wordpress 2.5 of before



    I see, disgregard my last post, as it is wordpress.ORG

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