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Blogger to Yahoo to WordPress

  1. This may be overly complicated, but I'm trying to switch my Blogger site with custom domain name to WordPress. I've already imported all the posts, comments and everything. That part was easy. What I'm having trouble with is trying to get the WordPress blog to publish on my Yahoo-hosted domain name. Right now, it's either still reading from Blogger, or not reading anything at all, depending on how much I screwed up.

    I know I have to do something with the DNS or the CNAME record, but I don't know what any of that means. What do I change to what, and do I change it on Yahoo or on here? I want to eventually move away from Yahoo and host somewhere else, thing at a time.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you purchased the domain mapping upgrade?

  3. Yes, I got the $13 mapping upgrade.

    Until I get this right, I changed the publishing settings so it's back to So the blog is (for now)

    On Yahoo, there's a "restore default" button. Should I do that, since right now there's google CNAMEs and I want to use WordPress? I shouldn't loose anything since I already moved it all over here.

  4. After restoring the default settings, the DNS stuff looks like this:

    A Record Yahoo! IP Address
    CNAME Record * Yahoo! Hostname
    CNAME Record Yahoo! Hostname
    CNAME Record Yahoo! Hostname

    I just have to change everything that says Yahoo to the WordPress settings, right?

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