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Blogger vs WordPress?

  1. You must of chosen wordpress over blogger.

    What were your reasons?

  2. by blogger i am referring to blogspot

  3. santatus

    This forum is for technical questions about WordPress.COM blogs. If you have a WordPress.COM blog, a question like this should be posted in the off-topic forum:

    If you have a technical question, then we need a link to your blog starting with http:// to be sure our answers will apply to your blog:
    wp.COM is not the same as wp.ORG

  4. I know this is about

    Where should i post this instead?

  5. As I said above:
    "a question like this should be posted in the off-topic forum: "

  6. Thread moved,

  7. Thanks!

  8. fantasticloser

    I think WordPress is simpler...but I'm an idiot so what do I know? Seriously, tell me what I know, I keep forgetting.

  9. I used to use so it was only natural to go to

  10. pornstarbabylon

    I got help quicker here than there when something went wrong. It's like screaming at the wind over there. So I stayed here.

  11. I had tried blogspot/blogger in the past, I actually still have one of my old blogs over there. I ended up choosing and to register my domain here because I really like all of the software for editing and the forums here are very helpful!

  12. WordPress has a lot more than Blogger. That is the reason why You, Me and we all are choosing WordPress as our Blogging Platform.

  13. I've had a blog over at Blogger (Blogspot) for many years, it was one of the only options when I started. I'm considering moving to WordPress but I'm not seeing the Options available here w/ a site as I have over there. I've lost all my comments, I can't import my DISQUS commenting system, etc .... I think I would have more success w/ a site but unfortunately I can't afford the hosting right now.

  14. The choices we make are not black and white "one blogging software fits all" choices. The blogging platform we choose ought to be based on our needs, expectations, skill sets, financial resources and what each platform has to offer us in the way of features, learning opportunities and technical support. If we practice due dilligence and research first we may find that typepad, livejournal, or tumblr, etc. suits us better than either Blogger or wordpress do.

    If anyone is looking for a chart that breaks down the differences between blogspot features and features you will find it linked to in my post

    Since that post was published Blogger has added the ability to (1) create static Pages and (2) to use their new template creator. Also something I did not address in that post is that one can learn how to code on a blogspot blog and that's a big advantage.

  15. shesboxingclever

    I agree, research is important. I chose WordPress because of its ease of use. It totally fit my style of blogging. It was ultimately the user interface that sucked me into WordPress. I'm basically done with coding, manipulating style sheets, even formatting for that matter. I wanted to just post and publish as quickly and as easily as possible. Point and click. I wanted it to look nice, without any major work on my part. My days of overhauling code to make a blog work for me are over. I've done LJ and its clones, Blogger, Typepad and this is probably where I'll stay. I'll admit it, I'm a lazy blogger. WordPress fits my style.

  16. I looked that Blogger and I didn't like it for some reason or another. I think the link I looked at said something about a charge or fee. So I chose WordPress.

  17. I used blogger before finding out about wordpress. There are so many more options and features on wordpress, it's more organized and flexible. You can choose how you arrange your blog and it's easier to keep track of things.

    WordPress > Blogger

  18. Definitely WordPress. Even its name is yummier than 'Blogger'. And I'm in love with the layout WordPress has provided.

  19. I used to have a blog in blogdrive (not blogspot) but it was so limited. I want to have a category in my blog. My friend introduced me to wordpress and I fall in love instantly.

    I like wordpress because there are post and page, there is category, and it is so easy to change/add widget...another plus is we can track our comment easier than other blog.

    I have blogspot too...I made it because sometimes it's hard to comment on blogs using blogspot (fortunately it's way easier to comment in WP) unless you also have a blogspot I create my blogspot accout only to leave comment on blogs from blogsppot.

    I have 2 blogs in WP and I always tell anyone who is going to start a blog to use WP

  20. I have blogspot because of the customization...but community wise, wordpress is much better.

  21. pornstarbabylon

    I looked that Blogger and I didn't like it for some reason or another. I think the link I looked at said something about a charge or fee. So I chose WordPress."

    Blogger doesn't charge a fee. I don't even think they have upgrades for them to charge a fee. Maybe you landed on a spam blog and they were asking for a fee?

  22. taylorcommunications

    I didn't enjoy blogspot. I like the layouts you can choose here, it's easier to post, and you can get more support here if something goes wrong.

    Also, this website got suggested to me because it can be set up easily as a portfolio site, where in blogspot its more just for writing plain posts.

  23. i started on blogger but it was so complicated just to make a simple post so i changed to wordpress and have been happy ever since... i was able to make my blog the way i wanted it i have a lot more freedome for set up

    oh and i can see how many people are visiting the site (without an aftermarket code) everything i need is in one spot...


  24. i you have confusion now also...then choose for fame and blogger for money....and for both.....

    i choose both blogger and

  25. I was happy enough with Blogspot until I learned about WordPress. I'll bring that blog over here once I learn more technical skills. WordPress is so clear, has so many great tools, and the community is easier to access.

  26. Appreciation to

    Mr. WordPress, all staff (esp. engineers) and management. Today, I realised that my blog has been 'repaired' back to normal which it has been attacked by virus/spam/malware....(actually I'm not too sure which one) and all my widget had having italic words which it was iritated to me. Now, you have make my life happier again. Thank you very much to all of you for your kind concerned.

    Always me

  27. check out my post on this :)

    I think wordpress might be winning this one.

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