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bloggers in italy

  1. hello bloggers!!
    i'm actually looking foe bloggers in italy or even italian speakers! so i can interact with my blog!
    if you have any tips or know people please give me a hand?!
    grazie mille

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We do have an Italian speaking support forum > Italiano (Italian) :

  3. To add to what timethief said, you can find Italian-language blogs at

  4. ~~airodyssey
    Thanks for posting that link and good day to you. :)

  5. thanks both for the answer done that too!!
    just wondering if any english speakers were also interested in interacting with italian blogs!
    as i'm here timethief i did post i doubt about like box (facebook)...and you were on the thread....could you help me please?!
    sorry sorry for asking so much....i'm new! :)

  6. @mangiachetifabenebimbo
    What you failed to comprehend in the other threads is what's stated here vs The Differences We canoot use the code for installs on free hosted blogs. The only Facebook like box widget you can use on a free hosted blog is found here > Appearance > Widgets > Facebook Like Box Widget

  7. ok! now it's all clear!! as i've suspected...on free theme not allowed!
    grazie again!

  8. It's not the fact the the theme is free. It's the fact that all free hosted blogs on this blogging platform run on different software than installs run on. Even those who have purchased premium themes who do have blogs being free hosted by cannot use the Facebook like box widget that you want to use.

  9. @timethief
    even clearer now.
    i shall apply the widget avaible then!
    thanks again and have a good day (early morning time in italy!) :)

  10. Ciao

    I'm an English speaking Canadian blogger living in Sardinia, Italy. And I have a blog all about it.

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