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Bloggers Needed

  1. Allow me to cut straight to the chase:

    I am starting up a blog called "Mars Chronicle" that aims to be an in-depth and informative blog on all things regarding men's lifestyle. I would like to recruit fellow bloggers to help me out on this and become part of Mars Chronicle and make it the best it can be. However, there’s a catch: it’s an unpaid position. Still not scared off? Good, then you’re a blogger for the right reasons!
    I need five bloggers who will cover the following topics and all posts associated with them:

    1. Men’s Health
    2. Men’s Fashion
    3. Politics & Current Affairs
    4. The Lowdown on Sports
    5. Tidbits For The Eye

    I, myself, will be handling the job of Editor, as well as writing articles for the following five topics:

    6. Ask Doctor Love
    7. On Sex & Foreplay
    8. All About Marriage
    9. Music & Art
    10. Literature

    I am not a professional journalist, but it is my goal. I am currently the manager of a hair and beauty salon, a freelance graphic designer and a jewelry sales representative – so I know how to run a business successfully and have the discipline to succeed in life. However, journalism and English are my passions in life. I write short stories in my spare time, and aim to become a published author one day. When I have saved up enough money for grad school, I will be doing my journalism studies with the intention of getting my doctorate therein. Mars Chronicle will, in the near future, have its own domain name and will be generating an income off of ad revenue. But first, to get there, we will need a readership.

    If you’re interested, feel welcome to offer yourself up for a position.

    Eventually, this will be a paid position.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. After you get up and running for a bit, I might consider contributing some political humor. I myself am moving my humor/satire blog to my own host this weekend and specialize in political commentary. But since your blog is new, I would want to wait and see how much traffic you generate first.

    My advice to you, as a fellow blogger, would be to get your site up and running first with your own content so you can establish your voice and the tone. Get a decent following and then guest posters will be more attracted to it. The main reason people seek to guest post is to generate more exposure for their own blog, and people that have been blogging for a while may not want to take the time to write stuff if its not going to be seen by a wide audience.

    I hope I'm not coming across as harsh, just trying to give you some friendly advice.

  3. We get a lot of these. If you want to blog, blog. If you don't want to blog, don't start a blog. If you want other people to blog for you, pay them. You don't invite other people to cut hair for you "for the exposure" do you?

  4. Fascinating, old legume!

  5. Drama Llama approves this message.

  6. readytochangenow

    flounce, flounce, flounce....I am on for a postage stamp.

  7. Are you asking for people to volunteer to work for you when there isn't even a product yet? If you want to build a media empire, do some work yourself, prove to others that you have something to say that is worth reading, and maybe you'll find people to work for you in exchange for someday making a buck out of it. Until then, you'll be really hard-pressed to have someone write for your as-yet non-existent blog.

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