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  1. "The blog world is a network of thoughts from creative minds"
    -- loadplus

    share your interesting quotes here! *wink*

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Today we are going to take a "beat" in the “action” of our busy days to meet a very special Philadelphia native who is an actress, writer, editor, and all-around entertainer working to put out positive images of women...

    on acting terminology and Sha'ahn Williams, entertainer
    --Li'el's Beat

  3. "I"
    -Vilipend, 2012

  4. signaturealamode

    "I haven't got a thing to wear"
    - just about every woman you ever met

  5. thepurpledogpaintingblog

  6. "I do believe that I actually think of you as a Black Feather, that’s fallen from the sky, and Cradles itself in the Earth’s Winds and Breezes, whilst Taking Shots of it from Above with your Photo Machine."

    DarkJade describing my blog.

  7. plasticdaffodils

    "You're the death of the American mind."

    -Bishop (random person who hates my blog)

  8. aaroncohenphotography

    Ahh, I love this! I actually love quotes so much that I still have a page on my photography blog dedicated to them:

    I think one of my favorites quotes is:
    “Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde

  9. "Every time someone uses ALL CAPS Satan buttfucks a unicorn."


  10. lettershometoyou

    "100% blogthings-free since 2007"

    - ian in hamburg

  11. When I got Ecopressed.

    I have embedded the ghostly image of a winter cyclist: fame is fleeting.

    And yea, there is a personal photo that was perfect for this.


  12. Sigh, should quotation marks around the blue boxed text.

  13. "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should."


  14. "What the f**k is this s**t"

    - Peter. 2012

  15. "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning." Churchill

  16. Allow me two of my own, if you will...

    About the tribulations of dating Daddy’s little princess:

    "I tried to feign interest, honestly I did. At one point I’ve even clapped… No, actually I think that was just when I slapped my face to stay awake."

    Helping you define your groups of friends on Facebook:

    "This one is similar to the school loner, a blast from the past… you think. The name seems familiar though the photograph doesn’t help… no-one was bald and fat at school! Plus you’re pretty sure that it’s a woman."

  17. rsjewelrydesigns

    “All you future Google Whores might want to pay attention to what I’m about to reveal.” (John Chow) :)

  18. " I am nature's greatest miracle"

  19. I've read Og Mandingo: he wasn't.

  20. "Yes the point...I should get to a point."


  21. "The next time I see you, I will not let you go..."
    -- AGA M.

  22. I love Widgets!
    I do :D

  23. Besides death and taxes, there's an inevitability named "SPAM"


  24. "Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it."

  25. I love the quote from this blogger, it's so true -
    found here -
    I've found it happening recently within myself - how I've been treated by others I'm now feeling that towards them lol.

  26. But this of course becomes then my feeling too lol -
    found here -

  27. "Libre lang mangarap!"

  28. "What I don't know could fill a book. Which means either I know a lot or I don't. As general Grant once said: "I know two songs, One of them is Dixie and one of them isn't."

    Always Marc Marrs

  29. "If you want to be successful, be unconquerable!"
    -- loadplus

  30. My entire life has been invested in the written word, printing and publishing and WordPress is the best resource I have ever used.—

    Guy H
    And I found it here Wow.

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