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Bloggers that post too many blogs in a row

  1. I don't need help with anything right now. I'm just annoyed. Trying to surf through the App tag to look at blogs is downright frustrating anymore. There are so many "blogs" that are really just companies trying to sell something or advertise things and they do post after post after post making it almost impossible to find real blog posts on apps. I sometimes see up to 20 or more posts by the same "blogger" and it is really, really annoying. Shouldn't there be something that puts some restraints on that? I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to post, but couldn't we see 1 or 2 of their posts with a link to "more posts by this blogger" when this happens? I end up switching to the App Store tag or something like that so that I don't have to sift through so much garbage to find real blogs. Is anyone else frustrated by this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I agree with this 100%. I'm more successful in finding wordpress blogs I'm interested in via google than I am on itself.

  3. There are so many "blogs" that are really just companies trying to sell something or advertise things and they do post after post after post

    Those are probably in violation of the terms of service here - just report them as Spam - left side of the top bar where the blog name is - mouse over it and then click on Report Spam for advertising or affiliate catalog links etc.

  4. I will definitely do that next time I see it in the App tag (or anywhere else). I didn't know that was something you could do. I work entirely on an iPad, so mousing over isn't an option, but I'm sure that I'll figure it out. Thank you!

  5. Yes, the Topics pages are attacked by those spamming their commercial blog posts.
    Yes there are bloggers in the news niche that post nothing bu regurgitated news form the main media outlets day in and day out.
    Are you reporting those spam blogs?

  6. There are 2 in particular that are doing it in the Apps topic currently. Is that the link I go to to report them then?

  7. No that link describes what to do. You got to the front of the spammy blog. On the top left hand corner of your Admin bar locate the "report as spam" link in the dropdown menu. Click it and a page opens where you can type your report to Staff.

  8. Okay. Thank you.

  9. You're welcome. It's such a PITA that we have these opportunists ruining the Topics pages.

  10. You can also copy the URL of the blog then go to

    Paste in the URL then a short why it is spam and click on Submit - if you do the Admin bar way the URL is already filled in - but the above form also works

  11. Thanks to all. And, it is a shame that they do ruin the Topics pages!

  12. I went to the link above and it didn't link anywhere. So, I found the form here:

  13. Okay, that's the same link. How embarrassing. I don't know why my iPad didn't take me there when I clicked it in the first place. Sorry.

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