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    Hi I am setting up a blog about food in my home town.

    If I see a deal on another website eg is it alright to post this to my blog.

    On travelzoo there is an option to share on wordpress so I assume this is a common thing that people do but I just wanted to check this didn’t break the advertisement rules set by

    If this is ok I assume then if i see a cookbook half price on amazon it is also ok to tell my followers about this?

    For all of the aforementioned situations I would not be getting paid or receiving any gifts from the companies.

    Thanks for any help,


    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not against the rules to blog about deals or link to them; it’s only against the rules to get paid for it.



    Thanks very much for your response.

    I’ve seen there are a few coupon specific blogs so am more confident this is ok and does not breach the T&C of

    In each post I think I’ll put a message saying I did not receive any payment or anything in return for posting a link to deal.



    Just put that in a text widget in the sidebar or footer. No need to keep reposting it.

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