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Blogging Age Poll

  1. Ok, so I made a poll and hopefully it worked. Here’s the link. I hope it works. The poll is to see what age most bloggers are. I noticed most of my friends say that blogging is for middle aged married couples. I want to see if that’s true. Leave a comment if you can!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Neat, I voted 20.

  3. Sweet! I just think this would be really interesting to figure out...Thanks for voting!

  4. It wouldn't be hard to figure out where I am at life.

    There have been studies done --alot of done by folks in the marketing and education field. The latter is of interest to people who teach because they have to think about teaching approaches and how students (young and old) learn through electronic means.

    LOL --middle aged married couples. How funny.

    Blogging is for yappy people who enjoy writing and sharing thoughts.

  5. It may not be hard to figure out how old you are, but you are just one person.

    What about everyone else who blogs? Can you tell how old I am?

    And blogging is for people who want to remember events, work out current problems, or just share stories. Not just for yappy people. I am not a yappy person. But I like to write to sort out problems.

  6. Please everyone do vote in the poll. Here's the link again.

  7. I voted zoey......

  8. i've voted also :)

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