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Blogging and Twittering

  1. You miss the point of Twitter clearly. Why do you think that so many people are following hundreds of others? It's meant to be an inter-linked social community.

  2. I wish more people would reciprocate, but I also understand the inclination not to. Especially if you have 1000s of followers. That's a lot of farkin chatter! Unfortunately, I don't have that problem. BTW, I'm following everyone on this thread. Care to follow back?

  3. ahh i see. I have never used Twitter before in my life since blogging.

  4. It is also a question of actually catching the Tweets from those you follow anyway. For example, I do catch a few of MomFog's because she seems to be a night owl.

    TT I think I've actually caught one or two and tltcl - I caught one eysterday (entertaining post, by the way).

    I find Twitter very much a hit and miss thing.

    And RARELY any referrals!

  5. Then you are using it wrong.

    I always say: the internet is entirely give-to-get. What are you putting into Twitter? If you're only coming by to drop links to your own posts, your social value there is just slightly better than nil.

    Look at the things Klout measures: how often people find what you say worth passing along, how many people read/follow you, whether you put a diverse range of content into Twitter, whether you engage in conversations on it. If you want influence on Twitter, you need to look at all of those things.

    It can be very valuable; Twitter is generally my third-biggest referrer, but it takes time and effort. You need to participate in the community. It's like high school: if you want to be popular, you've gotta put out.

    That's probably gonna get me banned again, but it is a fact.

  6. Am surprised and pleased at what I get from Twitter, it's like playing thumb ping-pong - as long as I remember to log on!

  7. Here's a good general guideline: If you see something and would read out the headline to someone in the room, put it on Twitter with a link to it. NOT just your own content.

  8. I didn't realise I had to 'put out'! I'm learning all the time, but whatever it takes...

  9. Basically, in an information-based social economy, if you don't say anything, you are worthless. Like in a labour-based economy, if you don't work, you don't get paid.

  10. It's definitely give and take. I've got more hits this week than ever before from Twitter and I haven't even written anything new. The only thing that's changed is how often I tweet--A couple of links to other people and just stupid crap I share just to have a presence. It works.

  11. There you go, you're getting it.

    Also, if there is anything particularly newsworthy going on, Twitter is the best place to find it. When you see something amazing, just retweet it. Takes a second and will pay you back a hundred times in terms of engagement.

  12. I use Twitter, and it really works. I've been tweeting for about 2 yrs now, and only began my blog a few months ago. I use tags when tweeting links of certain posts in a tweet, and it has brought traffic to my Blog. :)

    im @zuzushafi there and my blog is

  13. mewithmycamera

    i started a twitter account last week but only have one follower....womp womp womp

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