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blogging as a charity group - not as an individual?

  1. Hi,

    East Kent Strokes is a UK charity (Registered Charity No 1122466), and I am detailed to sort out the website.

    The basic problem is that the current website and email addresses were created by several individuals, so that they are registered with the name of the individuals as the prime contact. The charges etc. are made to him, and in one case they are debited to his personal credit card. This works OK until that individual backs out of the committee and no longer wants the EKS stuff under his 'name'.

    Advice, please. Can we move the website (currently with FastHosts) to you. and get several email addresses, e.g. [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted] etc., and - and this is the important part - have these registered with you using the charity's name (plus the trustees) and address, instead of being registered to a single individual?

    Yes, we know that you will need many official forms - I have just sorted out a PayPal account that had been registered by the founder of the group but is no longer a member nor associated with us. It was this problem that triggered my project.

    Can we get advice and someone to guide us through this change, please.

    David Worsley
    01233 64 11 20

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can do all you want by setting up an account, adding other users, setting up domain mapping and adding email.

    Are you asking for someone to do all this for you on a commercial basis? If so there are other forum users who can do this. I can flag this for staff attention to see if they are interested in setting this up as a commercial proposition if you want too.

  3. Thank you. This is what I am aiming for:

    The final blog will consist of a front end and a back end.

    The front end ( ) will allow members of EKS to write posts and comments with very little knowledge of computing. This front end will be known publicly by the domain name - which is owned by a member in his own name, but which: a) expires in 11th July 2013; and b) needs to be owned by the charity in its own name.

    The back end will point to a suite of programs that was built professionally to sell a book that the charity had reprinted. This suite needs to be hosted - but can we host it at WP? I had hoped to transfer the code onto pages, but I'm not sure how to do this (I tried to cut and past a screen, but WP belched when it tried to parse the code) NB. the current blog uses a link to the book webpages, and this works OK. But these pages are on FastHosts as part of the .org website and costs more than we'd like to pay. (also, it is charged to a personal card - which must be changed)

    Is this complicated - or am I over thinking it?

    David Worsley

  4. The back end will point to a suite of programs that was built professionally to sell a book that the charity had reprinted.

    Then you have a problem, I don't think this is permitted under Youn will need a self-hosted instance.

  5. Oh dear - I looked at and it looks very complicated.

    Before I bury myself in that, can you confirm that I will be able to have my current front end blog under the thing? And can I then import the code of the present The result should be as it appears today to the outsider. And lastly can I have the email addresses I suggested earlier?

    Yes, and thank you for the time you are giving!

    David Worsley

  6. I have flagged the thread for staff attention, I think the first thing is to confirm whether my understanding is correct. I know that in some circumstances you can link to books, so there is a chance that you fall in one of the acceptable categories.

    You are right that is a lot more complicated than Not all .com themes are available on ,org, but in principle you can import your current articles.

    I would wait for a staff response before worrying though. Please be patient as they have a lot of threads to get through.

  7. BTW I hope that they do take into consideration that the book is being sold as a charitable activity, not for profit.

  8. Too kind. Off to lunch now - I'd send you a coffee, but the last time I tried that one I had to buy a new keyboard


  9. I think it should be okay. The blog belongs to the organization and the organization created the book. That's permitted to sell on it's just that we can't really use ecommerce tools here for security reasons. You can use the Paypal donate button in accordance with the instructions in the Support documents.

  10. Actually, the book suite only advertises and describes the book. Anyone wishing to buy are passed onto a publish-on-demand website who deal with the entire transaction. We are all stroke survivors and could not handle a commercial enterprise as implied.

    We do have a donate button for donations to the charity, and we are hoping to include a second through BT to supplement the PayPal one.

    I'm waiting for the staff member to respond as suggested by tandava108


  11. We don't provide any design or configuration services, however, will explain what you can do with a theme and will give you additional information.

    Want to really dig into customizing your theme? We are partnered with Tweaky, a customization service where you can hire qualified developers to tweak your theme. From design to code, Tweaky’s theme customizers will assist you. Get started here.

    The PayPal button is allowed. However, I'm not familiar with whatever service you're referring to as BT, so if you can let me know what that is I can determine whether or not it is permitted on

    As @tandava108 mentioned, with the scope of items you require with your site, you might be better off hiring someone to set up and configure a self-hosted site from There are a number of sites out there that will connect you to a WordPress developer/designer that can get you up and running. Freelancer is a good place to start if you decide to go that route:

    I hope that helps get you started! Let me know if you have any questions.

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