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Blogging back in time

  1. I've had quite a few questions from people who've read my WordPress blog and wanted to know how I got to where I am now. I had been answering on an ad hoc basis, but a thought suddenly struck me.

    Why not blog back in time?

    I've had a variety of blogs and personal web sites since October 1993 (that dates me), and as a compulsive archivist, I backed everything up to CD as I went.

    So what I've decided to try is to bring some of that material across to my present blog, clearly signpost it (with images and categories) as archival, and keep it chronological so that bloggers can see how I've progressed. I mainly plan to migrate key events as well as things that answer blogger's questions.

    I've only done a few posts so far, but it's proving quite popular already.

    Has anyone else tried anything similar?

  2. Interesting idea, stonehead.

    I was reading Seth Godin's new book 'Small is the new big' recently, and he points to the fantastic internet archive resource at

    They have most sites going back quite a distance, although the archiving is a bit spotty and irregular, and for some reason they seem to have stopped logging many blogs at different times during 2007. 2006 and older years work much better. I can see that you've moved from binary moon to freshy at some point since early 2006 ... just as I moved my other blog from to in spring 2007.

    Anyway, here is your current site as it looked over time :*/

    Have fun !

  3. I've used the waybackmachine a fair amount, but the problem is that you need to know what you're looking for. In my case, you'd have to know about a couple of other blogs and half a dozen websites.

    Another advantage of blogging backwards as well as forwards is that I can use comments to add annotations, adding the benefit of hindsight or extra information.

  4. It's an interesting idea. I've thought about taking some of my other two blogs and bringing them into my WordPress one so that I can dismantle the other two. However, everytime I convince myself to do so, I promptly convince myself not to. It's an odd thing.

    However, your idea of going really far back is a good idea. I never put things in writing that far back, so I wouldn't have much to contribute to my own retro-blogging. I'd have a hard time clearly recalling most events, too. I might try it sometime when I'm out of things to blog about.

  5. great idea, but i'd have a hard time deciding the timestamp if i'm going to do it, haha.

    it's also a good way to up the hits without seeming like you're deliberately doing it. =P

  6. Sulz, you're too cynical for your own good. :D

    I hadn't even thought about it as way to up the hits. It just seemed like an interesting way of answering blogger's questions about why I've made certain decisions and to show where I've come form.

    Hmmm, archived material from the Position of the Month magazine column would definitely send the hits soaring...

  7. hey, it's not cynic on my part; anything that ups the hits is good in my books!

    that's not why we blog, but hey who doesn't want a nice round preferably 4 or 5-figure hit number? ;)

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