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Blogging Client for WP

  1. I'm getting very frustrated with Windows based client editors for WordPress. None of them seem to work all that great. I have to either find a good client or get a different blog software because I can't get good quality posts into WordPress from a client. I've tried BlogJet, RocketPost, Qumana and QumanaXP to name a few. Any suggesions?

  2. deepestsender is good if you use firefox its an extension to firefox and is located here

  3. You could also try the FF extension Performancing.

  4. great suggestions...I'll try them both...please keep the list coming...very helpful...

  5. I recently discovered Zoundry and like it very much.

  6. Blog about what you want in a client. Setup a post and ask people to suggest features. Link to the clients you like and those you don't! Say why!

    Don't forget you have a voice (it's called your Blog) :)

    The only way to get software improved is to talk about it!

    Who knows - I might even get my Blog Client finished ;)

  7. what are you going to put in the "posting url"?

  8. Yuuzai

    Can you explain your question? I don't understand what you mean. Are you talking about for your blog or a different one?

    Normally you would just put the url of your blog in the posting url (usually with a .php file as well).

    Certainly that's what I did when I used performancing.


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