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    I’m new to wordpress and want to write specific articles under a specific category. How do I name the category and choose to write a blog page in it?



    When you create the post, at the bottom are categories. Select new categroya nd you cna create the category you want.

    if you want to write about a topic and communicate with others, use tags as others can then surf tags to find posts on similar tagged topics.



    @healthdoc100 – You don’t write on a specific category page. You categorize your posts. Then when someone clicks on the category in your sidebar, a page is created on the fly that contains all of your posts in that category.

    mgmt339 is not quite correct. Categories and tags work pretty much the same way here at If you click on the category or tag in your post (as opposed to in your sidebar) then you will be taken to the global tag pages.

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