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    Since not all my students have email addresses, and to make it easier, I would like to set up one student login and password (or even one per class) for my students to use on my classroom blog. They will have to sign their posts so that everyone knows who has written. The only problem is that they all then have access to that dashboard. Since I am the administrator, is there anyway to lock down the student login dashboard? Or does anyone have a better solution to this? I also have 95 students who I would like to be blogging.

    The blog I need help with is


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    To add users to a blog, they will need a WordPress account. Not necessarily a wp blog. I’m wondering if you could make a G-mail address for “Students” to which all your students could sign in.

    Here is how to add users:

    Here are the various roles you can assign to the “Student” user:
    Probably best to stick with ‘contributor’ so you can determine which post to publish…



    I definitely could, but they still could have access to that dashboard, which means that one of them could change the password and the rest would no longer know it. It seems like there should be an easy solution that I’m missing.


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    No. Only the administrator has control of the dashboard. An editor can do almost as much.
    An author can edit, publish and delete their posts, as well as upload files/images. They can’t change the password of the blog.
    A contributor can edit only their posts. A contributor can’t even upload files. You must approve a post before it’s published.

    It is possible that a student could change the password on the email address. But you could just make a different email addy and invite “Student Substitute”.

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