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    I want to have essentially several blog postable pages on my blog ( For instance, the Home page is my main postable blog. Then I have the About page. I want a blog page called Short Fiction that I can add two on a regular basis. I don’t want a static page. Is that possible even if I have to pay?

    The blog I need help with is



    I read this article before writing to you. It is confusing me further as I think I understand the difference then it brings in categories and menus. I have a nice type on my original question ” that I can add two on a regular basis.” Sorry. Add to is what I meant. I don’t understand what menus really are. They seem to be just a collection of categorical posts. Please let me know if I am wrong in this. I essentially want 2 blog pages at one address. Possible?



    Technically speaking, no.

    It’s difficult to explain, but if you just start blogging and using appropriate categories on your posts, like all short stories being in the Short Story category, then after a week or two you can see how it works. That post makes a lot more sense if you have a bunch of posts already up, with categories on it.

    Using the advice in that post what you’ll have is one main blog where all the posts go, one Category A tab in your header where all the Category A posts go, another with Category B, etc. However many you like. But About should be a static page, because does what you are about change much? It doesn’t need constant updating.


    No. About doesn’t change and I didn’t mean to imply I wanted that one to. I want my short fiction on a blog at the same website. But right now, my blog is poetry. I get what you are saying now. So if someone came on, they could click on the Short fiction menu and all my categorized short fiction would be listed there. I tried it out a bit after I read that article. I do have categories. I just thought by now there ought to be an option to have 2 blog pages on a site. Ha! lofty thoughts. Thanks so much for your help.



    You can do it if you buy paid hosting and use, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth for that.

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