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Blogging Sucks: A Bummed Out Blogger

  1. happypoppeye has a great site. His photos are amazing.

  2. Thanks soldierpoets!!!

  3. He does - which is NOT helping my jet lag induced insomnia at all!

  4. a great blog to follow this pensioners blog is so funny , nearly 600,000 hits and 1,000s of comments

  5. @happypopeye Yes, great pics. Definitely! :)

  6. Thanks cmhardin ...and everyone else. I gotta admit, I did subscribe to that post the handyman put up there ...maybe the best blog I've ever seen. Haha...

  7. @ happypoppeye , do you mean you subscribed to the " crabbyoldfart " site , i also think he's brilliant , he stopped it a year ago but he has come out of retirement again :)

  8. @harry - you are so right - he is hilarious!

  9. Harry ...yes, I mean't the crabbyoldfart site. Too funny.

  10. @ sara , theres the post you wanted about thatched cottage's :)

  11. I know how you feel! Have your hits improved since the posts or is it a matter of moderating our expectations? I wrote a post today about the dilemmas of choosing content - either for hits or for heart! Keen to hear what you think!

  12. yourdailybailey

    I think that it is human nature to want to see high numbers on our stat page. It's that instant gratification. Thinking that people out there in the world may or may not be reading your blog is too abstract. Numbers are more concrete.

    I find myself falling into this problem as well and my blog has been open for only 2 days (122 views 6 comments). I am a major instant gratification junkie though which makes me obsess over such things though.

    Overall though my blog was never intended to be for strangers, and is mostly for the people who know me (and my dog). Any extra readers that I achieve will just be a bonus.

  13. Blogging does suck. However, it can suck less if you do not let it become a dominant part of your life. I just blog whenever some random idea explodes in my head or I witness/experience some weird/funny s#!T during the day. It's a good way, for me at least, to write my thoughts down and have them saved somewhere then re-visit them when I'm bored. Of course I could just write stuff down on a Word document and save it but that wouldn't be very 2011 of me :P Basically as long as you don't sit there and keep hitting refresh every 5 min trying to see if someone viewed your blog or left a comment your all good. On the other hand... my blog is the most horrible piece of garbage on the web so I don't recommend anyone read it.

  14. I'll be honest and admit part of the fun of blogging is seeing your stats go up and reading comments from your visitors, but that's not why you should blog. A blog is your space to put what you want to say out there and even though it's nice if people appreciate it, it shouldn't matter. It's like with anything else you do, your blog should be about you and what you want. I've been blogging for almost 2 years and up until January my views were extremely low and I never got comments.
    This year I started post a day and my views, comments, and subscribers have been growing rapidly all because I wrote a post about a movie that became popular. I took the momentum from that and thought up ways to make my blog more viewer friendly so when people came by they would be encouraged to look around. And it worked!
    The thing is though I only make surface changes for the visitors (new theme, categories, etc) but I keep content true to myself. It's true people are more drawn to posts with media, but if that isn't something you like don't do it. You should be having fun with your blog not caring if someone left a comment. It's a form of expression, so why do you want to be bogged down with what other people think or if they appreciated what you wrote.
    I wrote a post a while ago about this and it basically said I hope people stop by and enjoy what they read, but if they don't who cares.

  15. Then there are the bloggers who showcase their blog - and I like their blog, pop back to get the next instalment - and find nothing............... :( So I tend to stop visiting........

  16. It is so hard to not become fixated on the stats part of blogging. Even though you might not get a lot of hits to begin with, those few who do read your page might really, really enjoy the content that you create. Content is the core of creating and sustaining a successful blog. As for doubting yourself, I would say this: you cannot ask permission from anybody and you cannot look to statistics to tell you whether or not what you produce is good. Just have fun and really throw yourself into what you create and people will appreciate it, BUT don't be afraid to share what you have going on either.

  17. I can only echo all those who have spoken before me. If you want to increase your hit count, you have to do some work as well. And that means searching for other blogs, reading, commenting on theirs, even posting on some of the forums you belong with that you have a blog. As well, as finding the blogs you enjoy reading outside your circle of friends and putting their blogs on your blog roll, but let them know. They might enjoy your blog and put your blog on their blog roll as well.

    But then again, are you writing for you or to get noticed? If you write for you, stay away from the hit count because that should not really matter. If you are writing for an audience, write what they are interested in. I get so many hits when I post a new story on my blog, but when it comes to my other posts, I get much fewer hits. And this is all part of the writing and posting thingie.

    I just looked so I can show you with numbers too; has 18 hits (24hours old) 145 (102 hits first 24hours)

  18. I've made two blog posts for March. That's it and with less than a week remaining in the month, you could call me lazy.

    I think blogging interest at least for me comes and goes. And also validation, with regards to the number of hits, was also very needed when I started. Then it sort of faded, along with my interest in doing it. And then it came back for a while, and then it faded again. Before, when I did post I did find myself checking the stats like daily. Now that I've been at it more than 5 mins I couldn't care less.

    Some blissfully bored bloggers earlier in this topic insisted that to keep a blog active you need to post a couple of blog entries a week. Impossible I say, unless your bedridden. There is no way I could keep that kind of frequency going.

    There is no way I can live up to this blog quota because I am too damn busy. I've adapted my idea of what makes a "successful blog." I think success is keeping one going for a year even if that is just one post a week. The thing is you started something and have seen it though.

    I figure I'll give my blog a year and then see. Two days ago I got 101 hits. Busiest day ever, I will admit it did feel good. O THE SHAME in checking.

    Blogging is about building friendship or as you put it womanchina about reading other blogs and putting them on your blog roll and viceversa so that readership grows. I still find myself wondering at times though why are we blogging and what it's all for.

    I had better post this now before I am too busy doing something else, which seems to be the case more often than not.

  19. @ soldierpoets , i maybe one of those , Quote " boring bed ridden bloggers " you were taking about , i felt like you a couple of times and then got back to it . if you want to post every 2 weeks or every month thats fine because you readers will get used to that and come back.

    below is a great blog , he stopped and then started again , i read his posts every month he does not post to often and he has over 600,000 hits and 10,000 or more comments , he is brilliant

  20. maxoverdriveuk

    You really want to know what my inspiration for blogging is. It's not the fact people read or comment it. It's that I have left my mark on the world. Hopefully when I've long gone my kids can look back at some of my musings and still feel they got an insight into whay made their dear ol' dad tick :D. A little bit like a deceased actor or author. Their legacy will live on in their art. :D

    Doom and gloom I know but trust me. My blog is far from that :D

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