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Blogging via email

  1. I'm new to WordPress and am impressed so far!!! But I can't see if/how it is possible to blog via email. Is it possible? (Can do with Blogger ;-) ). Thanks.

  2. It's been discussed a few times. I also remember a post somewhere where the poster had figured out a method but I can't find it now. Anyone else care to chip in?

    I know it can be done on the full version.


  3. I really wanted this feature as well. It's kind og make or break as far as what I needed.

  4. Are you even in the right forums? I don't see a blog here for you at with your username and you;ve only been here a short time. These forums are for those blogs hosted here at If you have the wordpress software installed with another host, then you need to be over at as that's the site for support of the software. Blogging by email is doable with the regular wordpress software.

    A link to your blog would be helpful.

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