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    I wrote to Ana about 36 hours ago, and she simply doesn’t respond. In the past she was very prompt; so I think she’s pissed off about all the changes I’ve made to the theme and figures I have no right to ask.

    OTY, when you have time.

    (1) Slideshows on ‘whole’ blog are fine; but on any individual post lose the background-color I applied.
    (2) Footer widgets: I can’t lower the actual widgets to separate them from the underline of their titles.

    Anticipatory thanks, Rich …

    The blog I need help with is



    1) Can you give me a link to one of your posts with a slideshow?

    2) To add more space between the line and the content of the widget, add margin to the bottom of the widget title.

    .widget h3.widget-title {
        margin-bottom: 30px;

    That’s the footer widgets (well, part of ’em); and that code I’d already tried. It’s currently in place, but ain’t done nothin. Alas.

    The slideshows aren’t in posts: they’re both visible on the front of the blog: one in the footers and the other in the sidebar. Why I didn’t tell you that before is a mystery. With anyone else it would be: with me it’s par for the course …


    Just to clarify: they look perfect when viewing the blog as a whole; but viewing any single post has the background colour I applied disappear, and the black b.g. turn up again.
    And btw, has my … ahh … preference been troublesome for you ?


    Finally fixed the problem re space under the footer widgets’ titles and the widgets themselves, Rich: I should have realized that one cannot apply across-the-board solutions to this theme, and almost everything has to be done individually.
    However, the problem with the slideshow backgrounds going back to black when any page is viewed individually remains.
    I should be MOST grateful – when, as I say, you have the time …


    Ah, now I see. Add !important to the background color declaration in .slideshow-window like this:

    .slideshow-window {
        background-color: #fffeea !important;
        border: 1px dotted #524d51 !important;
        padding-bottom: 3px;

    Not sure why that was being applied on the home page but not on single post pages. Themes can be fickle sometimes. :)


    I fear that this one is rather extraordinarily fickle: it follows none of the ‘rules’ I’ve become quasi-familiar with under your tutelage.

    No matter. I’ve beaten it into submission, by and large, and with your help it has been finally flattened.


    Thank you very much, Rich. I remain, however, somewhat anxious re whether or not I have caused you any problems in terms of the storm-front that blew in.


    You haven’t cause me any problems, and I suggest forgetting about it entirely. It is entirely no problem for me, and don’t let it be one for you.

    And………. you are welcome. :)





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