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    A quick follow-up.
    The good news – I was able to get Blogroll to upload by deleting all my unread posts, to make the file smaller. The bad news – though they show as uploaded in WP, they don’t display in my blog and I can’t figure out why (cache is clear).
    The very sad news – having serched all forums, Codex, Googled search, searched general WordPress blogs, it seems to me that I am not going to be able to upload my Bloglines blog (& archived posts).
    So, this is a request, for a feature – to have Bloglines added on the ‘import’ page.

    I did track down this advice on someone else’s blog, but technically it’s beyond me; would induce misery:
    ‘Moving my blog from Bloglines to WordPress
    14 July 2006

    A long time ago I was headed overseas for the better part of a year and I decided that it would be a good idea to set up a blog to allow me to post my incoherent ramblings while travelling. I decided that it would be a good idea to set up a blog using the same service I use to read all my various feeds, unfortunately bloglines is much better suited to displaying blogs than it is to creating them. Unfortunately I didn’t realise this until I had a fair number of posts in my archives there, then when I started shopping around for a new service I realised that there was no easy way to export my archives to a new service.

    I set up my wordpress blog on my home server with the dread thought in the back of my head that I would have to write a html scraping script to run over my old blog before importing into wordpress. Thankfully it didn’t come (quite) to that and I thought I’d share with you my solution for the ugly bloglines lock-in problem.

    Get this bash script which will rip down and dump the bloglines xml-feed into a single file
    Put the script somewhere you can execute it. If you don’t have cygwin or linux installed you can probably execute it from your hosting company server (if they give you shell access)
    Run the script by giving it your user name and the range of months you were active on bloglines for: ie ./ -u yourUserName -sm 1 -sy 2005 – this will get everything from Jan/2005 to the present month
    From the wordpress admin panel choose the Import option and choose import from RSS feed
    Select the file generated by my script (default is bloglines.xml) – you might have to download it to the local machine if you’ve run the script on your hosting server.
    Voila – you are done ‘



    Are your posts listed on your Manage Posts page? Are the dates right? Are they marked as published?



    Okay, I went back and confirmed that and made changes and now it is working. Thanks, I appreciate your patience here & in my other posts

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