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    I have signed up to track blogs that I like and when I comment on WordPress blogs and have to sign in, my comments do not show up on my dashboard my comments area nor doe smy image link to my signed in name – is there something that I am missing?


    The comments that show up on your dashboard under “My Comments” are only the comments you left on blogs when you were signed into If you want a complete record of comments on every blog you leave them on you can register for a free cocomments account.

    The other “Comments” on the dashboard should contain incoming comments on your own blog posts as well as your replies to them. -> Manage -> Comments

    You can link your blog to your avatar here -> Users -> Your Profile
    Look down the right hand column and find “website”
    type the url for your blog in
    click “update Profile” to save.




    You’re welcome. :)

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