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    At this link is some information that may be useful to those who are re-locating their blogs.

    “Early last week, Jeremy Zawodny posted about moving his blog and disappointment with how aggregators handle 301 (permanent) HTTP redirects. In fact, there have been a number of high profile bloggers who have recently felt the pain of moving their feed including Robert Scoble and ResourceShelf by our colleague Gary Price.

    Bloglines has always tried to ease the pain of moving your blog. If you set up a 301 redirect, Bloglines will automagically set that feed as a duplicate to the new feed after a week or two. Our customer support team has also responded to requests to mark feeds as duplicates. But we knew publishers needed a smoother process.

    As of last night, we now offer you an American-style self-serve-fix-it-right-now solution. We launched a new set of tools for publishers which allow you to claim your feeds and manage them within Bloglines. We’re offering several nifty tools but we’re especially excited about offering you a way to mark an old feed as a duplicate of a new feed. When we set a feed as a duplicate, all of the subscribers are brought over to the new feed so there’s no need to ask your Bloglines readers to re-subscribe. Follow the Account link (header, top right) to find Publisher Tools and follow the instructions to claim your feed.

    Trepidations about losing Bloglines subscribers when you move should be a thing of the past. You are now free to move about the blogosphere.

    – The Bloglines Team”



    Thanks for the information. This will be very helpful.



    Erm. Bloglines is asking me to add a tag to my blog template in addition to one in a post…but I don’t think I have access to do that anywhere?



    I have bloglines buttons in text widgets in the sidebars of my blogs, is that what you are referring to?



    No, but I got it working. The verification process for bloglines involves adding 2 html tags to your blog. 1 in a post (which will show up in a feed) and another in (what they call) your blog template (which shouldnt show up in the feed). Ultimately I added the “template” tag bloglines provided to my test widget…and that got the verification OK’d.


    The verification process didn’t work for me. I put the keys given by Bloglines in a post, as well as the index.rdf and atom.xml templates as requested. I received an error message saying that the verification failed.

    My old blog: (Movable Type)
    My new blog: (WP)

    I put the test keys in my old blog address – is that correct?

    Any further ideas on how to make this work? I don’t understand what a “test widget” is, or how it works.

    Also, the RSS feed shows up in my Meta menu, but when I enter the feed into Bloglines ( or /blog/feed) it doesn’t show up as subscribable.

    This is without a doubt the only problem I’ve had in moving my blog from Movable Type – it’s frustrating, but seemingly fixable.



    Just put it in any widget and it will work.

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