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    I would like to import my old blog from BlogML format which isn’t currently supported by, however if I go to I am able to find an import plugin for this exact feature

    Is it be possible for this plugin to be installed so that I can use it to import my old blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your best bet is to ask staff directly, but they’re off until March 1. An alternative is to find a friend with some webspace, add to it, import it to there, and export it, importing it to a blog. Then delete the .org one.



    I went to the page to send them an email but it said they were gone and to put it on the forum which they will continue to moderate.

    The idea bout the private wordpress then import and export is sort of brilliant. Unfortunately I don’t really have access to that at all. I’ve been manually moving them 1 by 1 using Windows Live Writer, which is incredibly boring but at least it “works”. I’m losing my comments in the process but that’s acceptable I suppose (90% of them are spam anyway).



    I have flagged this thread so it gets Staff attention.



    WordPress can be installed on your PC and then the import should be able to be done that way also – there should be help over at WordPress.ORG



    Good idea auxclass. It would be most convenient for me if admins simply enabled the plugin directly in the site but if they decide for whatever reason that they cannot then I will probably try your idea.

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