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    My blog has the title “Monica and Coco”. In my RSS-feed the title is “Monica and CocoMonica and Coco”. I really don’t know why on earth the title is repeated in the feed. Does anyone know, how to fix this?

    Kind regards

    The blog I need help with is



    The software cannot pick up anything you do not supply. This is what I see: “Monica & CocoMonica & Coco”. If you want to change your Blog Title then you can do so here > Settings > General


    Hi timethief,

    I’m having the same problem as beingmonica. And I’ve checked the Settings three times. I only have the blog name listed once. Any other ideas to fix this problem?

    Thanks so much!



    If you have changed the title there then I have no other advice to offer. Please contact Staff for help using this link >



    The blog linked to your username is an empty (devoid of content) free hosted blog. Is that the one you are referring to?

    If it’s not, then please post the URL for the wordpress.COM blog in question after you read the sticky post at the head of the forum and determine whether or not you are posting to the wrong forum.

    Here we provide support only for free hosted wordpress.COM blogs. All those who have blogs hosted by any other web host must post to http://wordpress.ORG/support for help with their wordpress.ORG installs

    Reference >


    Hi again,

    No, it’s not that blog. I’m not sure why it’s not linking to the active blog. The blog name is

    I’ll contact support. Thanks!



    Hello again. Below is a copy paste of exactly what I see when viewing your feed for the blog you indicate above.

    Upside Down LoveUpside Down Love

    And yes contacting Staff is the way to got. Best wishes for a happy ending. :)



    Make sure the blog you want is set as “Primary Blog” on your account options. If it is, and it’s still not working as a link to your name, contact staff again. Lots of people are having that problem lately.


    Hey raincoaster,

    I tried setting it as Primary Blog and that didn’t do anything. You actually have to go into your profile settings and there’s a spot to set a link when people click on your profile in comments. I guess it was defaulting to my first blog. It’s updated now.




    Thanks for that update. :)


    I wanted to let you nice people know I finally got the double name resolved. At first, support said they didn’t see a problem, but I kept after them. They just got back to me today and said it was an error with the Koi theme. That error is now fixed. :-)

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil…




    @minimalistmom-thanks for coming back and posting the reply you received from support.

    @bilalamjad2-Why? It may happen that someone else has the same problem and will come here looking for information. (And FYI the only people who can delete a thread are Staff, not users or forum volunteers.)


    Jennifer, from looking at bilalamjad2’s blog, I think it is just looking for backlinks from the forums. I think I’ll modlook this.



    tsp – :) Yeah, kinda figured.

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