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  1. Hey!
    I have a problem on my blog.
    I use blix-theme. I have a link (blogroll) sidewidget. Once it just looked normal, and had the main-text "Links". Now it has changed, and it looks all wrong. And alle the icons is gone!?

    Can you tell me why, or help me change it back?

    /Peter :)

  2. There's another thread from yesterday on this. Report all your details to feedback after reading it.

  3. Ditto on the Feedback suggestion.

  4. Thanks.. I do not think there was a completly solutuion on the problem, but I hope it is to come..


  5. sloane - there are now two threads on the same subject and you're posting to both. I can't tell if you have sent in a feedback (top right hand corner of your dashboard) or not. If you haven't I believe drmike is indicating that he has and that you should too.:)

  6. Three of them acually pointing at that blog belonging to that Prof. from Berkley.

    Haven't heard anything back yet. :(

  7. Thanks! And sorry; I'm really desperate. It looks so stupid..

  8. They got rid of the dot but the header is still mis-shaped. :(

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